Heavy chains with neckcuffs, hand and footcuffs, branding irons and whips were the gruesome tools of the slavers. The visitor feels the pain and suffering millions of Africans had to go through on their unwanted journey to the Americas. Many of these instruments of torture were locked in Vodun tempels for over 300 years to preserve the spirits 
of the enslaved Africans, and to control their anger. The Soul of Africa Museum was able to purchase some of these relics with the blessings of their keepers "to let the spirits speak and inform".
When the visitor sees these relics he will understand history without needing an explanation. With these chains the African gods, and culture came to the new world.


Note: Lack of space limits us in exhibiting this theme properly. In the new museum we will have ample space for this exhibit. Together with various supporters we are working on  a new location for the museum.

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Haitian vodou altar.

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