Visitor information

The museum is close to  the city center, and is easy to reach with public transportation, or by car. Come by, we will be happy to show you the museum.

Rüttenscheider Str. 36
45128 Essen

Opening Hours 

Thursday 14 - 18
Friday 18 - 22
Saturday 14 - 18
Sunday 14 - 18 

Registered tours can be given any day, and at any time. Please call: +49-201-787640 or 0171-3435098.

Every Sunday a special tour at 14:00


Adults €8
Students, senior citizens, handicapped €6
Children under 12 €4
Guided tour €40 + €3 per person (please register a guided tour beforehand)

How to find us

From the train terminal to Rüttenscheider Stern with the U11, 108 and 107.

Parking spaces in front of the museum.

Jetzt Mitglied werden und / oder SOA unterstützen