"Fußball. Halleluja"


The parallels between football and religion are shown in a exhibition in the Bremen Focke-Museum. A altar for Diego Maradona, a football bibel and African voodoo football dolls. Many objects, photos and films are the central theme of "Football Halleluja" showing the rituals in the stadiums, adoration of the players and the relic cult of the fans.

The exhibition also is critical of  the multimillion dollar  business around football, and its  usage in advertising and politics according to the curator Christoph Greim. about 300 objects, photos and films show the rituals in the stadiums, adoration of the players and the fan cult.

The exhibition also critically shows the rivalries between fans. For many fans their football club is like religion. "The stadiums are the cathedrals of the sport" said Greim. In critical moments you can observe fans praying.

Before a game certain rituals are supposed to help. "in Africa chickens are usually offered." The fans saints of football are players like Diego Maradona or Lionel Messi. The shorts that the Brazilian wore in a game in Bremen is shown as well as a rosary with mini footballs on it. The almost religious enthusiasm for football also has its dark side. The rivalry between the northern football clubs Werder Bremen and Hamburger SV is shown in a special section. Neck scarfs with insults against the opposing club, and dangerous fireworks that are used.

Source: Radio Bremen

Exhibition information

The exhibition has been shown in the following cities:

AMSTERDAM MUSEUM - "Football Halleluja" 30.05.2014- 30.1.2015

HISTORISCHES MUSEUM BASEL - "Fussball - Glaube, Liebe, Hoffnung" 1.3.2015 - 31.08.2015

FOCKE MUSEUM BREMEN - "Fußball Halleluja" 7.10.2015 - 27.0.2016

MUSEES GADAGNE, Lyon - "Divinement Foot/Divinely football!" 12.4.2016 - 4.9.20

MUSEE d'HISTORIE de la VILLE de LUXEMBOURG - "Football Hallelujah" 5.9.2016 - 24.3.2017

Upcoming Exhibitions: Lüttich, Barcelona, Moskau 

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