Der Traum vom Leben


„A African odyssey“

Over ten years ago photojournalist Markus Matzel from SOA together wit Klaus Brinkbäumer, editor in chief of Der Spiegel, undertook the long and dangerous voyage from Ghana, following the trail of the African migrants, through the Sahara to Europe. John Ampan from Ghana, a former migrant, accompanied them to tell his personal and difficult story how he came to Europe. The resulting reportage „A African Odyssey“ was awarded the Erwin Kisch award in 2007, and came out as a book in the Fischer-Verlag under the titel „ Der Traum vom Leben. Eine afrikanische Odyssee“,

The topic is as explosive  and current  today as never before. Even though our eyes are on Syria and the migration wave through Turkey and the Balkan route, this account also describes the same dangers faced by all migrants coming to Europe. Humiliation, deprivation, insult and threats accompany them on their long journey. No matter if they come from Syria or Africa..Brinkbäumer's narrative which is a mixture of concise clarity and empathy convinces and describes different aspects of the migration crisis. He describes the African dream, the nightmares, but also the European fears about safety and loss of prosperity. Brinkbäumer's story and Matzel's photos give the tragedy a face where the human factor is forgotten in the masses coming. A Exciting, illuminating, critical, but above all a humanistic access to this topic, and a reading tip to all who are looking for answers to the current situation.

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