Mami Wata Altar

Some vodun gods are strict and others are violent. Mami Wata however meets her followers cheerfully, and lets them have fun and laugh during the ceremonies in her temple. She is often shown as a mermaid, because the Vodunsi say that she comes from the depths of the oceans. Her face is doll like, beautiful and usually white, a symbolic expression of her divine spiritual other-worldliness.

The goddess is usually portrayed with long hair and as a half fish, a very untypical representation of a vodun god. She promises her followers wealth and power. In trance her intiates take on her gestures, drink perfume, powder their faces and breasts with talcum powder, and dance themselves into ecstasy. Mami Wata loves beauty and purity. Her followers wear white during ceremonies, and pay attention that the temple is always kept clean.

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The twin figures symbolized the dead twins.

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