The Voodoo-Culture Introduction

This collection of Vodun art convinces the experts of African art and baffles the interested novice. It is a collection with volume and depth that can be found nowhere else, not in Afica, Europe or the United States. This one time collection put together by curator Henning Christoph gives the "gods of the West African Slave Coast" the opportunity to express themselves.

As a whole the collection gives a deep and complete picture of Vodun culture in West Africa. The art of the Vodun culture is displayed in it's complete breadth. I am convinced, that all visitors of this exhibition will have a lasting memory of what Vodun really is.

Professor Joseph Adande
Dept. for Art History University of Cotonou, Benin.


The German UNESCO-Commission became aware of the private SOUL OF AFRICA intiative in 2014 to permanently establish a museum in Essen for all people interested in African culture. This civil society initiative was established with great commitment and ample  networking and partnerships.

Christine M. Merkel
Leiterin, Fachbereich Kultur, Memory of the World
Deutsche UNESCO-Kommission e.V.

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