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The SOUL OF AFRICA Museum offers Zoom online tours (webinars) of the SECRETS exhibition.

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VOODOO RAINBOW special exhibition

The new SOUL OF AFRICA Museum special exhibition. 

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New books of the SOUL OF AFRICA Museum

SOUL OF AFRICA. VOODOO RAINBOW. AFRICAN SECRETS. The SOUL OF AFRICA Museum has produced three new books in six languages.


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Voodoo Rainbow

For at home or on the road, the digital “Voodoo Rainbow” exhibition. Order here.

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For at home or on the road, the digital “SECRETS” exhibition. Order here.

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Find out more about the unique collection that fascinates both the experts of african art as well as the interested layman.

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Haitian vodou altar.

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Secret societies

The dead are honored in the African tradition. They live on.

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Mami Wata

Some vodun gods are authoritarian or even violent. Mami Wata meets her followers joyfully...

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Streetpharmacy from Ghana.

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A Theme as old as mankind.

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Bush spirits

Only a small part of the African secrets are known, and some myths and secrets will always stay a riddel.

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Heavy chains, cast iron neck rings, hand and foot cuffs, branding irons and whips - the terrifying tools of the slavers.

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Colonial history

„We demand our place under the sun“ and „We will not pardon ! Prisoners will not be made !“

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