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Book: SHAMAN -The Wounden Healer, by Joan Halifax, Thames and Hudson, New York,1981, Soft  Cover, 96 pages. Good condition.

As a  healer,  spiritual guide and artist, the shaman has been a key figure in human society since he was depicted in the cave paintings made 30,000 years ago by the Palaeolithic hunters of Europe. In his bestselling books anthropologist Carlos Castaneda has described how a shaman like Don Juan is active in America today, using trance and ecstasy to master the unseen forces of nature. Shamanism lies at the very heart of some cultures and survives in the shadowy fringes of others. The words and insights, the costumes and regalia of the shamans, together with photographs of their rituals and of their paintings, are the basis of this vivid and informed book.


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